About Me

My name is Marie-Louise and I can help you create joy and serenity in your professional life.

Born in Paris, France to a traditional Armenian family, I have always been drawn to the suffering of others and a deep desire to help them through their difficulties and challenges.

I began life full of energy and playfulness and loved challenging my mother with thousands of questions to the point where she was at a loss for answers. Even then, I was searching for “my” truth 🙂

My natural empathy and passion for the personal stories people were compelled to share with me led me to work in various companies in roles where my networking and negotiating gifts were appreciated.

I did this for 25 years.

But ultimately, the routine, the lack of autonomy and the stressful environment (more and more productivity, profitability, efficiency, conflicting relations with management…) drained my energy and enthusiasm, and crushed my natural good humor.

Depression came and destroyed me.

My work no longer had meaning. I no longer recognized myself. I no longer wanted anything.

After several months of wandering and questioning, I slowly began to regain my taste for the small, but important things in life – going to the movies, walking in nature, seeing friends again…

I wanted to find myself again; to know myself better; to discover my own aspirations, desires and talents.

The best gift I ever gave myself was coaching sessions that helped me get my head out of the water and regain possession of my own talents, creativity and joy in life.

Through this transformation, I also realized that what I truly want to do is help others uncover their true selves and find their own paths of brilliance.

Today, I take great pleasure in helping people end the suffering in their daily lives, free themselves from stressful, anxiety-filled work environments and rediscover their own unique brilliance and natural talents to finally live in abundance, serenity and creativity in their professional world.



Free yourself from a negative and draining work environment for more clarity and serenity


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