Coaching for Corporations

Whether you are looking for personal career coaching or management coaching within your company, the programs and workshops below can help. All coaching options are designed to help individuals and businesses get clarity on goals, learn how to map the steps to get there, and guide themselves or their teams towards positive success with enthusiasm, compassion and efficiency.

  • Workshop: Coaching for Managers

This 2 day coaching skills workshop is specifically designed for team managers. Over the two days, managers will learn key coaching skills that will empower them to take their own leadership to the next level, and help them effectively guide their teams to success with efficiency and compassion.

  • Leadership Coaching Program

Designed for top and middle management, the Leadership Coaching program guides you in using your unique core values, ambitions and vision to effectively lead and motivate your teams with positivity and enthusiasm. Coachees come away with a clearer picture of their own strengths, motivations and personal goals, and an understanding of how to use them to guide others towards success.

  • Career Coaching Program

The Career Coaching program is designed for individuals in the process of, or considering a professional transition. Whether you are looking at a new position or a complete change in career, this program will help you get clear on exactly what it is you want and how to make the transition with ease and great success.

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