« Marie-Louise is an intuitive coach driven by her beautiful heart and fierce courage. Our encounters always elevate me to a highter consciousness, reveal new insights and invite to self-compassion .I feel seen when working with Marie-Louise ».

Ghada B.

Health and Intuitive Coach

« Marie-Louise is a great friend and a superb coach. She can switch betweel roles « friend-coach-friend » seamlessly. I have known her since uhmmmmmm…. Quite a while and she has been my magical fairy whenever I am in need. She precisely knows when she is needed as a coach. Though I am a rubber ball when it comes to downsides, and with Marie-Louise Taking a stock bouncing up is much graceful. The Associate Certified badge looks good on herand underneath lies a warm heart always ready to help ».

Joseph P. Chacko

Serial Entrepreneur and Author

Free yourself from a negative and draining work environment for more clarity and serenity


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