How far are you from achieving your dreams?


Most of us are going along our human experience called Life, and as we are on our path, we are longing for a sense of growth and progress.

Although all of us want to make changes in our lives (career and professional changes, personal life changes), most of the time we make short-term changes. We write “wish lists” starting New Year and we continue with “to-do” lists that don’t lead to an important, life growing major breakthrough.

When, suddenly, one day we realize that we are not moving forward while we having a feeling of not making so much progress, we try to change one or few habits.

And our fears, believes, and emotions come along the way and put us back to our previous state, added with the feeling of disappointment and frustration.

So, how do we live a life in such way that we, not only achieve our goals, but also experience amazing growth along the way?


The first few questions we can ask ourselves are the

following ones:


What do I seek to make progress in?

What is the dream I want to achieve?

And why is it so important to me? How would I feel?

Take a piece of paper and start answering those questions….

Achieving our dreams are part of a long process.

They help us to explore our potential as human beings.


To start exploring our potential, we need to clarify our

vision first.


So let’s dive into different exercises that will help you to do so.

Those exercises are about your life values, they will help you to define who you are, and what truly matters to you (essential to defining your compelling vision):

1-) Write down the 10 things you enjoy doing the most.

2-) Write 3 things you need to do to feel fulfilled at work.

3-) Write down 5 most important values in your life and what you stand for.

4-) Lastly, if money weren’t an issue, how would you spend your time? What would you be doing?

Take your time to answer those deep and powerful questions…

Then, ask yourself :

Where am I at, in this very present moment in my

life, with respect to my vision?


What are the thoughts that brought me in my current situation (example: lack of confidence, fear of others judgement, fear of failure…)

– What are the next steps to take in order to get closer to my vision?

Make a list of the different things you are committed in doing to meet your dream.

Put them on your calendar, day by day, week after week.

A different mindset and different actions will lead you to different results.

With discipline and focus your mind will begin to see patterns and alignments that you didn’t see before.

This will lead you to getting closer to your vision, closer to your living dream.


Next episode: let’s overcome our fears!

Meanwhile have fun and stay serene.

Free yourself from a negative and draining work environment for more clarity and serenity


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